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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Modern Full Blouses and Short Tops

Churidhars and Chudithar Set

The word “Churidhars” is derived from “Churuvars” denoting the bottom pant part of the present day Chudithars set. The Chudithar set has one Long blouse or shirt as Chudithar top and a bottom pant.

Chudithar Top

Top Length:

Chudithar top is designed as per the measurements taken on the curvilinear body of the girl or woman. The length of the Chudithar may be up to just below the knee or equal to the position of the knee or even shorter. This is also called long kurtha or short kurthi. A very few wish to wear loose fitting or free size chudi-tops, while many like to be in comfort with medium loose Chudithars. Tight fitting Chudies are modern and fashionable those show the bodyline curvatures of the youth.

Neck Designs:

The Chudithars will have neck designs preferred by the customer from a list of 200 or neck drawings. There are some collar neck designs also to satisfy the desiring women.

There are some tight fitting Chudithar designs, the girls prefer zip opening on the back.

Sleeve length:

The length of the Chudithars’ sleeve is as desired by the customer; a few prefer long full sleeves and some three forth length. Many women like medium length sleeves while modern girls like to wear short tops and short or mega sleeves.

Modern fashionable attributes:

This will change with the changing trend of the time. The neck designs with strings and knots, the sleeves with cuts and appliqu├ęs, besides embroidery and stone works are changing fashions. The length of the shirt with side slits command a change based on the selection of the dress material. The textile designs and prints on the fabrics with attractive colors play great role in deciding the modernity of the dress. The material structure and texture and the kind of cloth or stuff express elegancy in finishing the final dress.

Chudithar Bottom or Pants:

The pant is normally of medium loose with good length up to the toes. There are some tight fitting bottom-churidhars with extra length gathering / crinkling push up at the ankles. There are some loose fitting bell bottoms, parallel or barrel ones besides the one called Patiala type which is very loose all around but gathers at the ankle.

All other Chudithars and pants are based on the desire and description expressed by the customers. The Customers at Lakshmi boutique are satisfied with the right kind of fittings and the models custom tailored at a short period of time.